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British PM Boris Johnson’s visit to India canceled due to COVID

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to India has been canceled. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has given information about this matter. The Foreign Ministry said that given the Covid situation in the country, “It has been decided by mutual agreement that Johnson will not come to India next week”.

The Ministry of External Affairs said, “Considering the COVID19 situation, it has been decided by mutual agreement that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not come to India next week. The two sides are planning to release a plan for a changed India-UK relationship in the coming days.” Will hold a virtual meeting. “

There was pressure on Boris

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There was pressure on Boris Johnson to cancel his India tour. The opposition Labor Party was demanding Johnson to cancel the tour over the growing Corona cases in India.

The Labor Party had questioned why Johnson could not discuss bilateral relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi online.

Shadow Communities Secretary of the Labor Party, Steve Reid, said that the government is telling people not to travel and I am unable to understand why the Prime Minister cannot negotiate with the Government of India on zoom.
Steve Reid said, “This is what many of us are doing and I think the Prime Minister should try to set an example.” I would like the Prime Minister to have a meeting on zoom instead of going to India. “

Will meet you later?

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The British Prime Minister’s Office 10 Downing Street has told that Boris Johnson and Prime Minister Modi will meet in person sometime in this year. This meeting of both of them has been pending for a long time.

Johnson wants to meet the Indian Prime Minister since Brexit. There is no post-Brexit trade agreement between the two countries. Hopefully, this deal can be negotiated in Johnson and Modi’s meeting.

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