Can you spot the difference in Lamborghini’s new logo reveal?

Italian performance carmaker Lamborghini has unveiled a new logo as part of a refreshed corporate identity. The subtle revision to the iconic bull emblem makes it flatter and two-dimensional, suitable for digital and car applications.

The new Lamborghini logo features a wider “Lamborghini” typeface in white and black, with yellow and gold accent colors. Notably, the shield has been removed from the logo on digital platforms like the website and social media, while it will remain on the cars.

The automaker collaborated with Lamborghini Centro Stile to develop new icons that will be uniformly applied across all digital touchpoints. The redesigned logo will debut on upcoming models, starting with the Huracan replacement and electrified SUV, followed by the Revuelto and current Urus models.

Lamborghini’s sales success includes over 10,000 deliveries in 2023, with the Huracan and Urus sold out and high demand for the Revuelto model. The brand’s future direction focuses on sustainability and decarbonization, aiming to inspire innovation and progress for future generations.

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