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Cricket ball hit on the head and the pitch of life changed, today the owner of $ 16 billion

If Uday Kotak was not hitted by a ball on his head, he might not have been such a big businessman today. He had a big accident while playing cricket. He was almost hit by a ball in the head but luck saved him. His dream was to become a professional cricketer. He was injured by the ball during a match and had to undergo emergency surgery. After this incident, he lost his cricket and all his attention went towards studies. He was studying at the renowned Jamnalal Management Institute, Mumbai. After completing his studies here, he got involved in the business of cotton exports of the family.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Uday Kotak of 61 cells today has assets of $ 16 billion. In 1985, he started finance. He was born in a middle-class family in Mumbai. There were 60 people in his family and they all lived under one roof. When he recovered after the bowling incident, he joined the family business of Cotton Export.

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He was also selected for the job. He got a good job offer in Hindustan Lever but wanted to do business. He started financial consultancy. It then formed its own company in 1985 called Kotak Capital Management Finance Limited. Later the same company was named Kotak Mahindra Finance.
ING Vyas Bank was also merged with Kotak Mahindra in 2015. He was married to Pallavi in ​​1985. He has a son and a daughter. The son’s name is Jai Kotak.

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Uday Kotak started his first company by borrowing from friends. Today, Kotak Mahindra has 600 branches. He was the only Indian to get a place in Mini Master the Power Financial World. Uday Kotak says that he had to convince 14 family members before taking any decision. Today there are many businesses like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Securities, Kotak Mutual Fund. He is a businessman who started from zero, not on anyone’s legacy but on his own.

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