Desixclip.com – Top 8 Bold Ullu Web Series to Watch Online For Free

Desixclip.com – Bold ullu web series are huge in demand. Listed below are some of the best erotic shows that you can download from Desixclip.com. Keep scrolling- 

Best ullu web series to download from Desixclip.com

1. Khidki

Desixclip.com - Ullu web series

The story is based on a sting operation and blackmail that follows. The same story has been depicted from different angles. The web series is filled with drama, love and lust. 

2. Mohan Chabhiwala

Mohan Chabhiwala

Mohan is a key maker and is skilled to make duplicate keys of any kind. He uses them to enter wealthy houses and steal their cash and jewellery. One day he finds a woman in a compromising situation in a house. He decides to record her and then blackmail her for money. Watch the latest ullu web series for free on desixclip.com

3. Farebi Yaar

Farebi Yaar

The story is based on a group of friends where one guy named Rajat starts to like her friend’s wife and then his neighbour Nikita. He wants to sleep with both of them. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

4. Watchman

Watchman - desixclip.com

A guy is working as a Watchman in a residential society. There he likes three ladies and continues to find ways to talk to them. One day he asks all three of them to read erotic love letters his wife has sent him from the village.  Watch can watch the web series on the ullu app or third-party websites where you can download it. 

5. Imli

Imli ullu web series

A naive girl aspires to become a world-class dancer. Soon she shifts her base to Mumbai to focus on her career. Upon reaching she realise that everyone wants to sleep with her in exchange for work. Plus, she was facing financial issues, so she decides to get physical with every man that comes her way.   

6. Namak 


A husband has a gambling addiction, it has gotten to a point where he sells his wife to his boss for sex. In exchange, he will give him the desired promotion. Teist comes when the boss records himself with his wife and starts to blackmail them. 

7. I Love You

I Love You - Ullu Web Series

It shows a group of teenage guys, all liking the same girl. Soon, the underconfident guy gets a chance to impress the girl. But if he fails then he needs to sit outside and let others get their chance. Watch the ullu web series for free on desixclip.com

8. Doraha


The story is about a married couple where the husband has to leave his wife and town for some work. Behind his back, his younger brother starts sleeping with his wife. However, the elder brother is now having a secret affair with his brother’s girlfriend. 

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