Diversity Has Come into the Workplace

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A cynical person will roll his or her eyes up when the topic of diversity surfaces. It seems every company is promoting the idea of diversity, but people wonder if this is really happening. Is the employer sincere or is this all just public relations for the community? In the Indian business world, diversity is not taken lightly. If you take a look at fresher job alerts, you will quickly discover that some of the largest players on the field have more than just a passing commitment to hiring and advancing minorities. Diversity in the hiring process has become essential.

It isn’t Just the Avant Garde

You expect high tech companies or social media establishments to have a commitment to hiring minorities. It may come as a surprise but there is a number of other major corporations which encourage the hiring of people who are neither white, male, or heterosexual. Allen & Overy is a major commercial bank with a longstanding dedication to India. This law firm has a reputation for very progressive internal policies and has won awards for gender equality. Its commitment to diversity gives it very high marks.

Myntra is a major and leading Indian fashion e-commerce company based in India. It is really worrying how Gender sensitization and Diversity is approached in the modern Indian workplace. Its measures range from an in-house creche in its Bangalore office, reserved parking for expecting mothers, and the #WeForShe initiative, which addresses the challenges faced by women at the workplace, be it sexism or beyond.

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It is Not Window Dressing

Diversity in hiring is not just a way to look good in the community or give the impression the company is forward-thinking. It makes very strong business sense and a competitive corporation will encourage minority hiring. The reasons are fairly basic.

1. It Widens the Pool of Talent. Indian colleges and universities are recruiting more minorities, and the composition of the student body reflects that. Minorities are getting college degrees, and these are not all in the liberal arts. By having a diverse employment program, organizations are actively going after all possible talent. They’re not restricting the search to males. That helps make a workplace that much more productive.

2. It Is Essential in the Global Market. The Internet and social media have opened the world to business and competition. We all have to admit that we are part of the big blue marble called Earth. Minorities don’t just bring different ideas into the workplace. They also have insights into the way various cultures work, and how best to do business. Having a Japanese engineer or a Vietnamese accountant will allow a company to better take advantage of growing markets. Additionally, if a minority speaks a different business language as well as English, it helps with communication when market penetration has commenced, and a corporate presence has been established.

3. It Improves Morale. Employees get frustrated if they think that only by being part of the good old boys’ club will a person advance in the upper management. Seeing minorities in executive positions further communicates to the staff that merit matters.

Regardless of the minority status a person has, this individual should not hesitate to seek employment that matches his or her skills. It is always a good idea to check the company for any minority or diversity employment program. If there is one, it is a strong argument for submitting an application.

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