Divine Mercy Sunday 2022: Top Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Clipart, Songs, Prayers, Messages, And Greetings To Share

Divine Mercy Sunday, also known as the Feast of Divine Mercy, is an annual Christian celebration held on the Sunday following Easter. This year Divine Mercy falls on Sunday, April 24, 2022, and marks the end of Octave, an eight-day period that begins on Easter and ends on the following Sunday.

The origin of the day is interconnected to the Canonization (The declaration of a deceased person as an officially recognized saint) of Polish Roman Catholic nun and mystic, Maria Faustyna Kowalska.

It is said that Maria had visions of red and white rays coming from Jesus’s heart wearing the white robe, which later became known as the Divine Mercy Recognition of the Lord Jesus.

It is also believed that, Jesus asked her to establish the next Sunday after Easter Sunday as Divine Mercy Sunday. The message Maria obtained from Christ is narrated in “The Diary of Saint Faustina.”

Talking more about the message of Divine Mercy, The Divine Mercy teaches us to approach christ in devotion to request for His mercy, to let His compassion outpour from us to others, and to trust fully in Him in directive to honestly undergo the dignities of His mercy.

Reciting Divine Mercy Chaplet has special significance on this day, it’s a superior prayer replicated on rosary beads requesting God to keep compassion on his devotees. Read More.

Top Quotes, Wishes, HD Images, Clipart, Songs, Prayers, Messages, And Greetings For Divine Mercy Sunday 2022

Divine Mercy Sunday

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Divine Mercy Sunday 2022 Quotes
Divine Mercy Sunday Quotes

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Divine Mercy Sunday 2022 Messages

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