VIRAL VIDEO: Stunna Girl Inappropriately Touched by Fan During Performance, Ensuing Chaos Ends Show

Famous rapper Stunna Girl was inappropriately touched by a fan on stage during her performance this past weekend. The incident, which was captured on video and posted by TMZ, quickly spread across various social media platforms.

Real name Suzanne Sade Brown, Stunna Girl was performing at the Spring Fest event at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, New York on Friday night. In the video, Stunna Girl can be seen getting slapped on her back area by an overly excited fan.

Initially, she seemed to ignore his behavior, but later she whispered something into the ear of a man identified as her husband, RichMula500.

Fan Inappropriately Touches Stunna Girl Onstage

Moments later, he appeared in the crowd to confront the man who had touched Stunna Girl inappropriately.

The situation escalated quickly as the two appeared angry.

The man attempted to punch RichMula, but a security guard intervened, wrestling him to the ground. The clip also shows punches being thrown and general chaos.

Stunna Girl tried to intervene, but security kept her away for safety reasons.

As the situation worsened, everyone was asked to leave the stage, indicating the show was over. It is still unconfirmed whether anyone was injured during the fight. After the altercation, both men walked around seemingly carefree.

Stunna Girl later took to her social media to comment on the incident:

“Love my team kuz if it was up to me [shushing face emoji],” Thank dem for holding me. Always the aggressor God ain’t want me to catch another [skull and crossbones emoji].” 

The video of the fight is currently going viral, sparking debate about the behavior celebrities have to face while performing in public.

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