Viral Crash: Kick Streamers N3on and Squeeze Benz’s Lamborghini Crash Captured Live

Kick streamer N3on and Squeeze Benz’s latest livestream has gone viral on the internet. The viral clip shows the famous content creators crashing their Lamborghini Urus into a yellow van.

Both of them can be heard screaming at the top of their lungs while driving the iconic sports car. The entire incident was captured during the live stream.

Streamers N3on and Squeeze Benz’s Live Lamborghini Crash Goes Viral

After the crash, N3on during the live stream can be heard saying:

“Come on, bro! Please, dude! Please, dude! No, no, no! Cops are right there! Oh, my god! We almost crashed. Whoa! Stop, stop, stop! You’re tripping. Squeeze, there are cops. There are cops! You’re tripping. I’m going to get banned on Kick. Squeeze, I’m going to get banned on Kick!”

Squeeze Benz can be seen wearing a helmet and a suit to hide his identity, while N3on is sitting in the passenger seat.

N3on asks Squeeze to slow down, but the latter refuses.

Since then, the video of their crash has spread like wildfire on various social media platforms.

Meanwhile, N3on posted a story on his Instagram handle stating that he was in New York and “risking his life.”

As the video of their crash started to go viral on the internet, Squeeze also uploaded many stories on his Instagram account debunking the idea that he was involved in a ‘hit and run.’

In one of the posts, the bumper of his car can be seen crushed.

His Instagram story reads:

‘Damn bro, this stuff is shocking, and now somebody hit the back of me. I think I’m done linking up with cars whose drivers don’t know how to drive. This is why I don’t do this.'”

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