Rick Ross Playfully Blames Drake For His Plane Crash, Saying, ‘Drake fighter jet shot us down’

Rick Ross and Drake’s internet feud is not something that has been kept under wraps. They have been collaborators for quite some time, but recently their witty banter on social media has caught the attention of people online.

Rick Ross Playfully Blames Drake For His Plane Crash

Both Drake and Rick have their private jets for quick travel. When Drake got him, Rick pointed out and made fun of the fact that he was signed to a cheap jet because he signed a deal with Young Money.

But everything took a turn when Rick’s plane had to perform an emergency landing due to malfunctions in Dallas, Texas. Now, the reason behind this is not known yet; the picture on social media suggests that Rick was unharmed and he walked away safely. His plane was lying in a field of grass and the plane also had his name on it.

Drake added fuel to the controversy when he liked a post that confirmed Rick’s safety.

“The retired Miami government employee and current cosplayer walked away unharmed because the wing stopped the plan,”

the post which Drake liked contained.

People are pulling in funny thoughts saying that Drake may have had a hand in this crash after all. Instead of taking things too seriously, Rick had fun with the situation and he added the caption, ‘Drake fighter jet shot us down!’ on his Instagram story, which added to the humor of the situation.

Rappers are very minimal in number; recently the hip-hop industry has been booming, but previously people were unified and had to be in close ties with each other when it comes to their roots to stick.

Drake and Ross have been in this game for the longest time.

“But I got one guy, he’s my favorite to rap with on any song. His name is Rick Ross. That’s my brother,”

Drake said during one of his live shows.

They have also collaborated to create songs together, which ended up breaking records as well.

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