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Dreams about Crow– Are you having dreams about crows? Well, it can often be indicating what is going on in your subconscious mind. It can also represent your hidden emotions as well as ideas. Crows in your dreams indicate a sign of mystery, transformation or your spiritual awakening. They are seen as the messenger of god and always denote positivity or divine touch. 

What do dreams about crow indicate?

Additionally, the colour of the crow is also very important in finding out about its meaning. Let’s say you saw a black crow in your dreams it denotes the end of the life cycle or death. If you are seeing white crows then it means rebirth or a fresh start. Above all, seeing any crow in your dream brings good fortune, luck and abundance. 

Also if you are dreaming of being attacked by a crow then it means a warning sign, a bad omen or something bad is about to happen. If you are avoiding a crow in your dreams then it can also mean you are pivoting from any current issue in your life. You need to confront it than run away from it. 

Crows have been represented in many forms in films, art and literature. Also in movies and shows they often denote death, bad luck, evil and mystery. In literature, they represent despair, loneliness, transformation and high power. While in art, the represent a darker part of the world. 

Throughout the world regardless of culture or belief system, crows always denote a wide range of meanings and symbols. Some meanings of crows are related to negativity while some represent power, transformation, positivity and fortune. No matter what the colour of the crows is if you are having recurring visions then it is better to analyze your life and move in the right direction. 

Priyadarshi Shastri

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