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30 Enneagram Tattoo Designs to Express Your True Self

The Enneagram of Personality is quite a complex concept to understand. It is a tool used to delve deeper into understanding the human psyche. Human beings exhibit nine types of personalities, which are also connected to a geometric triangle in this tool.

The study dates way back and was initiated by the ideas of Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo. The tool is mainly used in spiritualism and self-help methods. However, it is criticized quite a lot scientifically as the tool has not been studied analytically in great depth yet.

This tool can be used for light self-assessment, but according to psychological experts and scientists, it is not completely reliable and should not be taken seriously for psychometric analysis.

However, the majority of people believe in this because of their self-awareness and consciousness towards it.

If you want a tattoo of the same on your body, we have mentioned the 30 best Enneagram tattoo designs for you.

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30 Enneagram Tattoo Designs:

1. Chest

Credit: @slacker.scott/Instagram

2. Forearm

Credit: @serranosjuan/Instagram

3. Simple

Credit: @mascalzonetattoo/Instagram

4. Leaf


5. Illuminati

Credit: @elharperartist/Instagram

6. Dual

Credit: @marcsangratattooart/Instagram

7. Full

Credit: @horikei_hakodate/Instagram

8. Two

Credit: @consciousenneagram/Instagram

9. Tree

Credit: @alessandro_peki/Instagram

10. Gaudy

Credit: @alexowenstattoos/Instagram

11. 7

Credit: @seventhbreeze91/Instagram

11. Butterfly

Credit: @kristianthepilgrim/Instagram

12. Small

Credit: @supernido/Instagram

13. Intricate

Credit: @cockasnook/Instagram

14. Heart

Credit: @bwood_tattoo/Instagram

15. Floral

Credit: @bwood_tattoo/Instagram

16. Spalsh

Credit: @elenayelloww/Instagram

17. Rainbow

Credit: @aaronwalkertattoos/Instagram

18. Figure

Credit: @zbornee/Instagram

19. Astrnaught

Credit: @intergalacticgamewarden/Instagram

20. Quote

Credit: @type9designs/Instagram

21. Blue

Credit: @tattoos_bywyn/Instagram

22. Minimalistic

Credit: @zampinos.wisdom/Instagram

23. Cute

Credit: @orasbaetattoo/Instagram

24. Elbow

Credit: Pinterest

25. Tree

Credit: Pinterest

26. Roots

Credit: Pinterest

27. Couple

Credit: Pinterest

28. Astro

Credit: Pinterest

29. Spherical

Credit: Pinterest

30. Intricate

Credit: Pinterest

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