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Eye of Noida: A living dream that keeps getting better

Eye Of NOIDA (EON) is one of its kind RERA Certified project that carries merits not only with its unique set of state-of-the-art features but also with its strategically significant location at the junction of the NOIDA-Gr NOIDA expressway and the FNG (Faridabad-NOIDA-Ghaziabad) expressway- as per their official statement. 

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Noida is no longer the small town that it used to be back in the time. It has made its own identity other than just NCR city. For the past decade, it has seen massive infrastructure development as well as witnessing many evolutions in different fields. It has become a favourite spot for many youths living in India for career-related aspects. 

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As per statistics, the city is the fastest-growing city in India with record-breaking investments and FDI. All the credit goes to the state government initiatives and national capital that helped in attracting national, local and international business. The city is growing at such a speed that the officials have now decided to support the city development by ‘New NOIDA’. Apart from that, YEIDA and Greater NOIDA are the third cities that are growing under Noida’s shadow. 

This city also makes the most talented young skilled manpower from a number of educational institutions. It also attracts IT/ITES-based businesses too. Because of this, many international MNCs are now setting up their plant in the city. “It has become the city’s primary nature to offer assured prosperity to any that enter NOIDA. It’s a city that is beaming bright with IT/ITES jobs along with ART, and CULTURE as well. It is a unique mix that offers everything a Metropolitan would offer and much more. This is why one can say that NOIDA is a living dream that keeps getting better” – Neeraj Jindal

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