Gas leak in Durham leads to complete evacuation near Angier Avenue

A recent gas leak on Thursday afternoon in Durham led to an emergency evacuation near Pleasant Drive on Angier Avenue for at least 9 hours.

Around 10:01 p.m., according to the Durham Fire Department, Angier Avenue was reopened for everyone, and all residents were back in their homes safely.

According to, the Durham Fire Department stated the gas leak occurred somewhere around 1 p.m. A gas tank was leaking, which alerted the fire authority in the area. The tank was located between railroad tracks and Angier Avenue. However, the gas leak spread on Angier Ave, from Jones Circle to Cortez Drive.

Gas Leak Near Angier Avenue in Durham

All residents within the quarter-mile radius of the gas leak were evacuated. By 4:22 p.m., the evacuation area reached a half-mile. It has been claimed that the propane tanks were offloading the gas from the tank when it got leaked.

The Fire Department stated- 

“The leaking tank is a 30,000-gallon propane tank and the gas company is on scene mitigating the leak,” If you are within the half-mile evacuation area, please evacuate immediately. If you smell gas, extinguish any open flames, do not smoke, do not shut off or start electric appliances or lights, and leave the area until it is declared safe.”

Even the public school buses were put on halt on Thursday afternoon because of the leak tragedy. Durham County EMS, County Sheriff’s Office, Durham County Emergency Management, and Durham Fire Department worked hand-in-hand to handle the crises.

One of the residents, Hayley Faircloth, living on Angier Avenue, talked to Wral News and stated:

“I tried to rush to get to my sister and my niece and they would not let me go get my three year-old niece. They would not let me drive down the road. They told me I had to walk if I wanted to go get her. So that’s what I tried to do and then got told that I shouldn’t walk and I still did because it’s my little sister and my little niece.”

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