4 Best Neetu Wadhwa Web Series To Watch Alone At Night

Neetu Wadhwa web series-  Neetu Wadhwa is a famous Indian actress that most appears in bold erotic movies and web series. She has been a part of many hit web series including Devyaani, Gandii Baat and Crime Patrol.

With that said, here we will be counting down some of the best Neetu Wadhwa web series that you can watch at night and vibe alone. Keep on scrolling- 

Best Neetu Wadhwa Web Series 

1. Waah Kya Baat Hai

Directed by Shonal Bose, starring Neeraj Roy Kumar, Malvi Malhotra, and Sonalika Prasad in the leading roles. Make sure you are alone once you start watching it, as it is filled with many bold scenes and sexually explicit dialogues.

Cast:Neeraj Roy Kumar
Malvi Malhotra
Sonalika Prasad
Crew:Director: Shonal Bose

2. Gandii Baat

One of the most popular Hindi erotic web series of all time. It is more of an erotic thriller and revolves around a murder in a village. All characters in it show psychopathic tendencies, making it hard to find which one is the killer. Meanwhile, it has passionate love-making scenes that will keep you hooked to your TV screens till the very end. The cast of the web series includes Yash Chaudhary, Kunwar Vikram Soni, and Mridula Mahajan in leading roles.

Cast:Yash Chaudhary
Kunwar Vikram Soni
Mridula Mahajan
Crew:Director: Sachin Mohite
Afzal Shaikh
Amit Singh

3. Crime Patrol

The show brings crime stories from every corner of India. It should be noted that the presentation of the case would be in a storytelling form to keep the viewers interested in fiction drama.

Image Credit: IMDb
Cast:Anup Soni
Sanjeev Tyagi
Moin Azam Khan
Crew:Director: Darshan Raj

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