10 Gigi Hadid No Makeup Pictures Where She Looks Stunning As Usual

The well-known American model Gigi Hadid has endured years of criticism from the fashion press. Her employment of heavy and artificial makeup that deviates from her authentic appearance has been charged by many in the profession. Gigi is well renowned for her makeup product business and her knowledge of the beauty sector. Giving no attention to unrealistic beauty expectations, and covering her face with makeup all the time, Gigi makes sure to acknowledge her naturality, and that’s what we love about her! Here are the top 10 Gigi Hadid no-makeup pictures.

10 Gigi Hadid No Makeup Pictures:

1. Fun Night

Here she is wearing a white top and her hair is tied in a knot. Seems like she had a good dinner party around!

Gigi Hadid No Makeup

2. Morning Run

A blue sweatshirt and open hair are the perfect mix to get a good look! If you’re out on a stroll or even a walk, this might be a good choice.

Top Gigi Hadid No Makeup

3. For the Papes

For the people out there, before you call us out! This is the no makeup, makeup look. She has a very thin layer of makeup around, which is almost nothing as you can see the perfect skin. A little highlighter and lip tints make the look complete.

Gigi Hadid Without Makeup

4. Pool Day

She is in a pool in this picture, with her hair tied in a bun, though she has a little lip balm on top to protect it from the rays, this is a delightful picture.

Gigi Hadid Without Makeup Pics

5. Drive Ready

This is the image she posted on her Instagram story crediting her skincare artist for making her look good naturally! Her face is completely bare and she looks like a goddess.

Drive Ready

6. Runway Ready

A fun fact about this picture, she was heading for her runaway work for the New York Fashion Festival moments while this picture was captured! She’s wearing a black leather oversized jacket, a black shirt underneath and her hair is out loose.

Runway Ready

7. Flip the Hair, Sis

Before you say, ‘the perfect hairlip doesn’t exist’ have you seen our Mama Gigi?

Flip the Hair, Sis

8. Gym Class Today

This picture gives off, Poo vibes from K3G and we dig it! Amping up right before her show is the perfect way to look and stay in shape.

Gym Class Today

9. Baby Skin

She is wearing a black overcoat and a grey top underneath. Her skin looks so fresh and dewy! And that’s why our mothers were right, we should drink water and eat our fruits every day, sighs.

Baby Skin

10. Makeup Room Selfie

A no-makeup picture, in the makeup room, before getting ready for her runway show! She looks like she knows she’s gonna do a great job.

Makeup Room Selfie

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