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Google disgraced Kannada as Ugliest language in India #Kannada

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Amid allegations that the number of Kannada language spokers is declining, some people are campaigning for the survival of the Kannada language and trying to save Kannada even with modern technology. However, this Kannada language has got a new blemish. Google declares the Kannada language as the Ugliest language in India!

Yes, if you searches on Google what is ‘Ugliest Language In India’. Kannada will be the Answer. Many have sparked off against Google, who certified this beautiful language as the ugliest language.

Kannada people are broad-hearted. There is tremendous opposition on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for the insult of Kannada, andon Google as the Ugliest language to stir up self-respect. The Kannada language spoken by millions of people is an ugly language. Kannada, spoken by 6 crore people, has a history of 2,500 years. What is the basis for this language? Many have questioned that.

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Share this screenshot and it has been outraged by many, including literary and celebrities. Director Pannabharanam, actress Advithi Shetty and many others have objected to this via social media post and videos.

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