Happy Advent Sunday 2022: Best Wishes, HD Images, Messages, Greetings, Quotes, Posters, Slogans, and Sayings

Advent Sunday is celebrated as the beginning of the Church Year, especially in western culture. It officially commences on the 4th Sunday right before Christmas. It is the Sunday that falls around November 30th and ends on Christmas Eve, i.e December 24th. The aim of this entire period is to celebrate and honour the birth of Jesus Christ. It was his birth in the First Advent while the return of christ is in Second Advent

As per ancient scriptures, the time of Advent shows the signs of eternal life along with taking accountability for one’s faithfulness. The celebration makes you look at the past as well as the future of a new christ coming or say born again. This season can also be taken as a spiritual journey for people, plus it is a mass crowd as everyone waits with the spirit of expectation, preparation, anticipation and longing. Every year, devotees wait for the return of Christ when the whole world will again be reconciled with God. 

The Messiah or say Anointed will bring justice, and peace to its devotees as well as the world. As per some  Eastern Orthodox churches, during the time of Advent people like to keep fast quite similar to Lent.  Rather than crying and mourning during this time, the season is celebrated with full joy and pride as people wait for the return of their God. 

During the time of Advent, the 3rd Sunday is regarded as a time of rejoicing, just as when the period of fasting is over. Gaudette Sunday (“Rejoice,” from an ancient antiphon based on Philippians 4:4) has a specific jovial emphasis, as rose (pink) is denoted as a sign of joy and is seen to be replaced by purple. as a symbol of joy is seen to replace the purple. 

Use these best Happy Advent Sunday 2022 HD Images, Posters, Wishes, Sayings, Greetings, Messages, Quotes, and Slogans to greet your friends, relatives and loved ones.

Best Happy Advent Sunday 2022 Posters, Wishes, HD Images, Messages, Sayings, Greetings, Quotes, and Slogans

Advent Sunday

“Advent is nothing but a journey that connects us with Jesus as it gives us a chance to get closer to the Almighty. Warm wishes on this special occasion to you.”

Advent Sunday 2022

On the occasion of Advent, let us light a candle and offer prayers for peace on our planet and happiness in our homes.”

Advent Sunday Quotes

“Let us prepare our hearts to welcome Jesus and receive his blessings. A warm heart is all we need to have Jesus come into our lives and bless us.”

Advent Sunday Messages

“May this beautiful holy season bestow you with many new promises and many new dreams to make this life a wonderful one. Warm wishes on First Advent Sunday.”

“Wishing you a very Happy First Advent Sunday. May this festive season be full of surprises, merriment and joy for you.”

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