Happy Birthday Roger Federer: Least-Known Facts About Tennis Legend

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The legend in the tennis community Roger Federer celebrates his birthday on the 8th of August. Although knowns for his tennis playing skills on the court. Roger is quite an achiever, he has been playing tennis since the age of 10. So to pay our respect to this iconic legend on Roger Fedewe have gathered some of the best unknown facts about him- 

Roger Federer

Happy Birthday Roger Federer: Least-Known Facts About Tennis Legend


Born in Switzerland to a South-African mother. His father is from Switzerland. Due to which he holds dual citizenship of both Switzerland and South Africa. His parents met while his father took a trip to South Africa, both used to work for pharmaceutical companies. 

Athletic Genes

Roger’s mother Lynette was very quite athletic during her high school days in Johannesburg. She used to play netball and even participated in track and field. Plus he was an active participant in field hockey before due to a leg injury she had to discontinue.

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Merely at the age of 8, he started playing tennis. Although he also dabbed in other genres too like badminton and basketball. By his 11th birthday, he was a top junior tennis player. After that, he decided to focus only on tennis. 

Teenage Dream

Roger was an active athletic teenager, he used to participate in 2 tournaments per month travelling with his parents to different cities. Finally by the time he turned 14 all perseverance was paid off became the national champion of all groups in Switzerland.

Passionate tennis player

By 1998, he already won Wimbledon and the Orange Bowl as a Junior long before even he became a professional tennis player.

Around the World

This might come as a surprise that he has played tennis tournaments in almost 23 countries all over the world winning tournaments in 15 countries. He is undoubtedly one of the best tennis players in the world. 

Alter Ego

Due to much travelling the world and exposure, he has learned different languages along with developing different alter egos. During one of his interviews, he said he feels he different person, and character based on the language the interview is so that people of that ethnicity can relate to it. 

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