25 Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines to Start a Conversation

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Our whole childhood was filled with memories of the harry potter movie series. At one point or another, we all have played the “Which Harry Potter house are you in” game. The curiosity regarding how they gonna shoot the next part still gives us excitement. However, the movie came to a beautiful end but the plotlines and characters became so iconic that they are still talked about to this day. 

If you are a 90s kid then you know the impact Harry Potter has on children. From stickers, to printed t-shirts everyone used to go gaga if own any of Harry Potter merch. As those kids are in their youth, they are now using it as a pick up line

Yes, you heard it correct, Harry potter pick up lines are the most frequently used and the most popular lines in flirting. The reason is as we mentioned above, everyone’s childhood is in one or another related to the memories of Harry Potter movies. If you are looking to talk to your crush so these pickup lines can be your golden ticket to breaking the ice. Whether you are looking for a harry potter pick up lines for girls or boys we have got everything covered. 

In the era of emojis and tinder, if you are one of those who go by the old book then try these lines with full confidence. The reason being a single line can take you to your happy places of childhood that instantly lift up your mood and make you smile. Thus if you can carry it then it can lead to a long deep conversation. Plus, pick-up lines from your childhood memories show how fancy and funny your personality you have. A cute or funny attitude is considered a good approach instead of talking only minimal when it comes to flirting. 

Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a Snitch? Because you’re by far the greatest catch here.

2. I’m just like Oliver Wood, baby. I’m a Keeper!

3. You must play Quidditch. I know a Keeper when I see one.

4. You must be a Snitch because I’ve been seeking you my whole life.

Harry Potter Pick up Lines

5. I’m a Seeker. Are you my Golden Snitch?

6. You must be a Nimbus 2000 because you’re sweeping me off my feet.

7. I’m not a Beater, a Seeker, or a Chaser. I’m a Keeper.

8. You must be a bludger because you knock me out.

9. If I was an animagus, I’d transform into your love bug.

10. Get out of my dreams, and into my enchanted flying Ford Anglia. 

Harry Potter Movies

11. Let me take you to the Quidditch World Cup, I have a personal invitation to the minister’s box. 

12. If I was yours, I’d get a tattoo so you could summon me anytime. 

13. You’re like a chocolate frog, sweet and full of bounce!

14. My pegasus-pulled chariot is out front if you ever fancy a weekend in France.

15. Hey, you’re a girl, can I take you to the Yule Ball? 

Best Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

16. When I get a sniff of love potion, it smells like a home-cooked dinner with you. 

17. Are you a hippogriff? Because I’ll always approach you with the utmost respect.

18. Are you a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff? You’re brave, smart, and kind so I can’t decide.

19. If the merpeople kidnapped you, I’d save you – after all, they only did it because you’re the most important person to me! 

20. When I look into the Mirror of Erised, I see you holding my hand.

Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

21. I wish I had a Pensieve so I could show you all the good memories I have from the first time we met. 

22. Call Ollivander, because I think my wand has found its master.

23. Girl, are you sure you’re a muggle cause I’d swear that ass is magical!

24. I’m not wearing an invisibility cloak, but do you think I could still visit your restricted section tonight?

25. Are you sure you’re not a Dementor? Because I’m sure I’d die if you kissed me.

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