How Technology is shaping education- Infographic

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The present era has witnessed the growth of Internet and the use of smart devices in nearly every sector of life. The advent of technology has brought tremendous changes in our work and lifestyle and with the COVID 19 pandemic and lockdowns prevailing in the world; technology has played a major part in building the economy, connecting people and bridging the gaps.

How technology is helping in education?

The education sector is also revolutionized with the emergence of technology.  It has opened the gates to personalized learning and also giving opportunity to grab new skills easily. A new age of anytime anywhere education is here. It has extended learning beyond classrooms. Not only use of technology has made the students to easily access fresh and updated content at a single click but also it is helping to build the overall personality of learners by building effective communication and collaboration, soft skills and good character by promoting team learning. It also promotes fun learning and also increases the knowledge retention rates of the students by use of interactive instructional videos. The teaching methodologies are also changed and the teachers have now become advisors and facilitators where there role was earlier limited to content providers. Even parents are now becoming more tech savvy and acquiring digital skills to help their children with the studies. 

Challenges of technology in Education

Undoubtedly where there are many positives to technology in education, there are still many challenges yet to overcome to fully adapt technology such as:

  • Infrastructure challenges, 
  • lack of training and 
  • Insufficient access.

Technology is not yet fully reached to lower sections and groups thus making it difficult for them to survive the new age. Also, there is continuous resistance from many teachers to adapt the new technologies.  Finding out new ways to deliver education can help overcome these challenges.

 It is now imperative for the teachers and students to be digitally literate to get them equipped with skills of 21st century. 

Future Trends of Education Technology

The future generations will see the rise of chatbots, artificial intelligence, simulations, virtual reality, big data and gamification as the new trends of education. The coming generation will see a shift from subject based rote learning to skill-oriented learning methods. Nevertheless, the growth of technology will not eliminate the need of a teacher but there role would be more diverse.  The new classrooms would be more interactive .More focus would be on following a practical approach rather than providing theoretical knowledge. Skill building would be promoted.

The infographic guide below from Gold Standard  talks about how technology is shaping the education and it also talks about what would be the future of the education with the advent of new technologies. Since there would be countless innovations in technology in the coming time, important thing is to be ready for the skills of future such as strong communication, tech friendliness, logical reasoning, critical thinking, visualizing and decision making. Read the guide below to get some more interesting insights.

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