International Day of Families 2022: Date, Theme, History, And Significance

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International Day of Families is an annual event declared by the United Nations to focus on vital affairs central to the welfare of families. The United Nations has proclaimed May 15 as the International Day of Families. Let us understand the theme, history, and importance of this day.

International Day of Families focuses the world’s attention on different aspects of family life, such as human rights, rights of the child for education and health, and equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of gender, race, or religion.

The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of social cohesion and family support. The pandemic has brought a greater appreciation of family bonds. The UNO is set to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family, which will happen in 2024.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the importance of digital technologies in spheres like work, education, and communication. Work from home requirements has led to a ballooning of technological innovations like cloud computing and big data and algorithms.

The focus of International Day of Families 2022 will be megatrends, including novel technologies, demographic changes, fast urbanization, migration drifts, and climate change, which have been dramatically shaping our world.

The Theme Of International Day of Families 2022

International Day of Families 2022 theme, “Families and Urbanization,” intends to increase awareness of sustainable, family-friendly urban policies.

History Of International Day of Families 2022

The importance of family has been understood and underscored by United Nations right from its formation. However, the focus on issues related to families started only during the 1980s. In the Economic and Social Council, the Commission for Social Development 1983 first highlighted the importance of family in the development process. It requested the United Nations to bring forth a resolution on the matter of family. Furthermore, it asked the Secretary-General to increase the awareness among the leaders of the nations about the problems and necessities of family and devise efficient ways of fulfilling those needs.

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