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International Tiger Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, Images, Messages, Drawings, Posters, Banners, Captions and Cliparts to Create Awareness



International Tiger Day 2023 Theme, Quotes, Images, Messages, Drawings, Posters, Banners, Captions and Cliparts to Create Awareness

International Tiger Day is observed on 29th July. It aims to celebrate the world’s big cats. Tigers are endangered species with distinctive black and orange stripes on their body. The day is celebrated around the globe with many seminars and awareness programs being organised related to tiger conservation.

As the day aims to build a worldwide system solely dedicated to preserving tiger and their natural habitats. A healthy and thriving habitat is very important to protect and conserve the tigers and their forest. With the support of International Tiger Day humans as well as tigers can co-exist peacefully. 

International Tiger Day 2023 Theme

No specific theme has been announced this year. However, overall the main theme of International Tiger Day is to highlight the threats of extinction surrounding these amazing creatures.


The history behind International Tiger Day

It was first celebrated in 2010 after data showed 97% of wild tigers disappeared in the past century. Currently, around 3,000 are left. It’s no secret that tigers are on the verge of extinction. There are many reasons behind their extinction such as climate change, habitat loss, hunting as well as poaching.

Apart from preserving them, the day also focuses on expanding and protecting their natural surroundings. Organizations such as the IFAW, the Smithsonian Institute and WWF celebrate the day with full enthusiasm. 

Due to so many negative impacts, number of tigers are decreasing year by year. Human conflicts, poaching, and illegal trading are some of the biggest threats these animals are facing in the world. There is also a huge demand for tiger skin, fur, teeth, and other body parts which leads to a rise in cases of tiger poaching and hunting.


Another impact the tigers are facing is the loss of their habitat due to industrialization. Globally, due to human settlements, agriculture and timber logging the population of tigers has decreased significantly.

Create awareness among your friends, relatives and loved ones this International Tiger Day 2023 using these top images, posters, cliparts, messages, quotes, banners, drawings and captions-

Best International Tiger Day 2023 Posters, Quotes, Images, Messages, Cliparts, Drawings, Banners, and Captions

International Tiger Day

“The tiger’s stripes may fade, but its strength and grace shall endure, reminding us of the beauty we must preserve.” – Unknown

“In the eyes of a tiger, we glimpse the majesty of nature and the fragility of life. Let us protect their home, and ours.” – Anonymous

International Tiger Day 2023

“A world without tigers is like a canvas without colors, devoid of the vibrancy and wonder they bring to our planet.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

“Tigers are the guardians of the forest, and by safeguarding their habitat, we secure our own future.” – Sir David Attenborough

International Tiger Day Quotes

“Every tiger is a masterpiece of nature’s creation, deserving our respect, admiration, and protection.” – Jane Goodall

“Tigers are not just creatures; they are poetry in motion, a symbol of courage, and a reminder of our responsibility to conserve the wild.” – Unknown

International Tiger Day Images

“As we celebrate the tiger’s beauty today, let us renew our commitment to preserve their existence for generations to come.” – Amitav Ghosh

“The greatest threat to the tiger’s survival is not in the wilderness but lies within the choices we make. Let’s choose wisely.” – Anonymous


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