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Jadrolita Toto Leaked Explicit Video and Image Goes Viral: Sues Twitter User Who First Shared, Breaks Silence with Instagram Post, Check Netizens’ Reactions

Jadrolita Toto or Jarvis Al is a renowned and notable TikTok Star who has invaded the entire social media world currently. She is all over the internet for slamming an X (formerly Twitter) user for presenting nude videos and pictures of hers made by editing and manipulating.

When some explicit and modified videos and images of AI Jadrolita Toto were altered by an unknown person circulated on the social media platform, she started trending on Twitter as well as Reddit.

In the videos and images, the netizen stripped her naked, exposed her breasts, and made the famous TikTok star appear as if she was in a sexual position.

However, notably, Jarvis Al took this incident seriously and decided to sue the netizen who first shared the picture of the social media platform, X.

She vowed to make the person face legal proceedings under the rule of law.

She filed a suit against the person which was posted by a law firm on Instagram.

Subsequently, the TikTok star shared the law firm’s post on her Instagram story as well.

As per the suit, the altered video and images of Jadrolita Toto which went viral on February 18, 2024, was shared on X by the user with X handle, ‘sparrowxn.’

The user posted the picture and commented, “na cruise” in the comment section of the post.

Jadrolita Toto aka Jarvis AI Breaks Silence, Netizens’ Reactions

Jarvis AI started trending as the altered picture gained traction online.

Netizens started giving their views and opinions, some for, others against her.

However, despite the buzz all over the internet, Jadrolita Toto posted a new video on her Instagram account as usual. She acted as if she was not deterred by the move.

Jadrolita AI’s recent Instagram post showcases her greeting the public featuring different tribes, their ethnicity, and their languages donning up in native attires. The captioned the video was, “Good evening and greetings to the various kings of the major tribes in Nigeria!”

The Instagram post gathered a wide variety of comments in the comment section. Some netizens also offered her words of encouragement.


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