8 KL Rahul Hairstyles To Try This Summer 2023

KL Rahul Hairstyles– The famous cricketer needs no introduction. He has garnered quite a fanbase with great playing skills along with stylish new looks every now and then. Listed below are some of the best K L Rahul hairstyles that you can sport this summer if you are looking for a new haircut to try this summer. Keep scrolling- 

Top 8 KL Rahul Hairstyles

1. KL Rahul’s Wedding Hairstyles

Kl Rahul Hairstyles

The iconic cricketer recently got married and fans couldn’t stop gushing over his hairstyle. He styled his hair into a sleek, shiny and half-up-and-down look. Later he opted for slicked back-front hairstyle. All you have to do is get a hair wax and comp your hair in a side part slick manner. 

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2. Top Boy

Best KL Rahul Hairstyle

This one of the best KL Rahul hairstyles, showcases a slick back undercut giving him a fresh and stylish finish. The sides were trimmed giving him a refreshed summer hairstyle. 

3. Signature hairstyle

Kl Rahul Koffee with Karan

This list would be incomplete without the honorable mention. Throughout his career, he has sported different styles of hairstyles. One of his classic hairstyles is the pompadour hairstyle with perfectly trimmed sides. 

4. Undercut Hairstyles

Kl Rahul Short Hair

KL Rahul’s undercut become hugely popular among his fans because it is stylish and quite easy to maintain. Just ask your barber to keep the sides short while keeping the longer top. This look is evergreen and can be styled at any time of the year. 

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5. Formal Hairstyles

KL Rahul Formal Hairstyles

He is known for experimenting with different kinds of looks. From keeping it short buzz to the sleek sophisticated look. Most of his hairstyles are formal looks and can be sported for any occasion. 

6. Braided hairstyle 

KL Rahul Long Hair RCB

Braided hairstyles are not so common among Indians but it was K L Rahul who introduces men to braiding. Not your usual hairstyle but surely make you the centre of attention. He even wore it on the cricket field. 

7. Semi-mohawk hairstyle

KL Rahul Tattoos

A perfect infusion of modern and bold men’s hairstyle. Quite a daring look to sport but if you love experimenting then go for it. Grow your hair long then trim your sides while keeping the texture at the top. As you go back, go keep going shorter. A modern look if you like trying new things when it comes to hair. 

8. Long Hair Phase

Kl Rahull Long Hairstyles

Last but definitely not least, another one of the best KL hairstyles is the long hair phase. Let it loose just like him. Summers can be quite difficult to grow your hair but try growing it in winter and try to control your urge of cutting it in an awkward stage. After that, you will be thanking your lucky stars for a new look. 

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