7 Best Trendsetting Lionel Messi Hairstyles

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Besides being a bonafide football player, Lionel Messi is also a trendsetter. His hairstyle has always been in the news. Lionel Messi is a well-known media personality that keeps on giving us new hairstyle looks and influenced us since the dawn of time. If you are someone who is a true football fan then surely Messi must have influenced you in one way or another. Here, we take a look at the 7 best hairstyle looks that Lionel Messi adapted and set a new trend.

7 Best Trendsetting Lionel Messi Hairstyles

1. Scissor Cut Quiff

Lionel Messi Haircut

The classic look from the footballer is a scissor-cut quiff with a good volume from the top. Along with freshly trimmed sides. He added a well-groomed beard giving this look a dashing appeal. 

2. Brush up with Tapered Sides

Lionel Messi Best Hairstyle

A quite simple yet stylish haircut. Uniformly tapered on both sides divert your attention to a short brushed-up top. 

3. Short Modern Mullet

Lionel Messi Mullet

The trend of mullet is back, Messi back in the day were few personalities that actually rocked this style. An evergreen mullet takes us back to the golden era of the 80s. A choppy fringe and full sides keep the balance in the short mullet. 

4. Dyed Top and Full Beard

Lionel Messi Blonde

One of the most popular hairstyles by him and still in trend is platinum blonde hair. The roots are still in the natural color. A full-grown dark beard adds its own twist to the overall look. 

5. Taper Fade and Brush Up

Lionel Messi Best Hairstyles

This time Messi adds even more volume to the top area. A slightly longer hair on top with shorter sides. Plus the beard made it even more masculine. 

6. The Classic Taper and Side Brush

Lionel Messi Hairstyle 2022

It’s safe to say that Messi experiments with his hairstyles a lot. But sometimes goes for more of a traditional look. Like this straightforward taper cut. Less maintenance style for your everyday look. 

7. Short Quiff

Short Quiff Messi

Messi can even rock short quiff too. A added his own twist to the look by keeping it sharply trimmed sides. 

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