Love Next Door web series on ULLU: Watch the love story of same-sex relationship

Love Next Door web series on ULLU: In today’s world, you can access anything from your own home. Whether it’s groceries, medicines or even the latest movies. With the introduction the dynamics of entertainment have significantly changed. Even the makers are opting to release their latest flick on OTT platforms than movie theatres. OTT platforms have the luxury to enjoy censorship freedom due to which they have bold scenes and vulgar dialogues. In order to keep up with that trend, today we bring you the Love Next Door web series. The series explores the theme of bisexuality in Indian society. Additionally, some same-sex lovemaking is also in the series.

The plotline of the Love Next Door web series

The story revolves around a widowed lady who lives alone in her house. She rents her top floor to a young couple. After her husband’s death, she prefers to live alone despite having friends and tenants to talk to.  One day she starts hearing strange noises coming from the young couple’s floor. She analyzes the voices carefully and learned that the girl is in an abusive relationship with her husband. It is revealed that she was too in an abusive relationship with her dead husband and suffers from trauma. The beating and noises bring back all the memories. She decides to help the girls and save her from her husband. In the meantime, the wife too finds solace in the rent lady and both start spending more time together. With time, they both start to develop feelings for each other and end up sleeping together. From saving her to now in a romantic relationship, everything around them start to change. Watch the web series on the ullu app to know what happens next. Be ready for the sexually explicit scenes as they are filled with lust and passion. 

Priyadarshi Shastri

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