Malayalam actress Saranya Sasi passes away at 35 after battling cancer for 10 years

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Malayalam actress Saranya Sasi passed away: Malayalam Actress Saranya Sasi has passed away after battling cancer for 10 years. Saranya Sasi Passed Away at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. Saranya was undergoing treatment for cancer for the last 10 years. Saranya was admitted to the hospital after a recent outbreak of the disease.

The life of Saranya, who had beaten cancer several times, was a role model for others cancer patients. Saranya is famous for her acting in Malayalam films and serials. The brain tumour was first diagnosed in 2012. She has undergone several surgeries and returned to life with confidence. Meanwhile, with the addition of Covid, his health deteriorated.

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The financial crisis that Saranya was facing to get treatment when the disease was constantly haunting her was previously news through social media. Social activist Sooraj Palakkaran and actress Seema G Nair were come to the scene to seek help for Saranya’s condition.

Saranya Sasi made her debut with Suryodayam. She has acted in serials like Koottukari, Avakashikal, Harichandanam, Bhamini Tholkarilla, Malakhamar, Karuthamuthu and Rahasyam. Apart from serials, she has acted in films like Chacko II, Thalappavu and Chhota Mumbai. Apart from Malayalam, she has acted in Tamil (God Tanta Veedu) and Telugu serials. Saranya was educated at Jawaharlal Navodaya Vidyalaya in Kannur. He also holds a degree in Literature from Kozhikode University.

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