Diddy and Yung Miami Seen Together in a Photo from a Deleted Instagram Post and Account, Indicating Their Relationship Remains Solid

In what could be described as a turbulent period for Diddy, the music mogul who was hit by one allegation after another with terrifying regularity, the past few days have been relatively calm.

With his close associates under detention in the ongoing investigation into potential sex trafficking by the federal government, the music baron was relatively quiet until the surfacing of an Instagram post which has since been deleted.

Diddy and Yung Miami Showcase Their Solid Relationship in a Photo from an Instagram Post That Was Later Removed

The post showed Diddy and Yung Miami embracing in a photo, and the tongues have started wagging again.

The picture also bore a caption which read, “Bobby & Whitney,” implying that the two are still going strong.

There has been speculation about the role Yung Miami may have played in this episode, but looking at the pictures, it seems that the duo are getting along fine.

The picture came from Miami’s finsta, but strangely, the account and the story have disappeared. However, alert fans were able to grab a screenshot before the post was deleted, and the pictures are viral all over social media and the internet, depicting the duo in a warm embrace.

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Yung Miami had maintained a defensive position ever since L’affaire Diddy burst into the limelight. At first, it was alleged that she was an informant online. Later, when her name figured in the amended version of Lil Rod’s lawsuit, she had her lawyers pull receipts.

With each passing day, the accusations in producer Lil Rod’s lawsuit seem unbelievable. Diddy has very few supporters to take up the cudgels on his behalf.

Diddy has people like 50 Cent breathing down his neck and posting something negative about the music baron every day for the last few days.

However, even 50 Cent stated that allegations about Miami doing professional sex work seemed difficult to believe.

The allegations have also led fans to turn the pages back and look at past pictures and videos.

One of the videos showed his awkward interactions with Mike Tyson, while another video showed him talking strangely to an adolescent Justin Bieber, who was just making his mark in the music industry at that time.

Another Instagram model, Jade Ramey, was accused of being one of Diddy’s sex workers in recent legal documents.

However, Jade has strongly refuted all the allegations and even stated that her feelings had never been for entertainment.

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