FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg’s $300million ‘birthday present’ mega yacht arrives in the US

FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled his swanky new $300 million mega yacht, which is arriving in the US from the Netherlands to commemorate his 40th birthday. The ultra-luxury mega yacht also features its own $30 million ‘wingman’.

Rumors that the billionaire was looking to invest in a yacht have been circulating for some time now. The mega yacht costs $300 million with its own $30 million partner boat. The companionship is a common feature in mega yachts of this tonnage.

Pictures of Mark Zuckerberg touring the ship while it was in the Netherlands in early March were circulating on social media. However, the yacht’s arrival in the US was delayed due to the Russian origins of the vessel. The mega yacht was designated as Project 1010 and is a Russian-commissioned mega yacht.

However, with a wide range of sanctions on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine, importing the vessel to the United States hit a roadblock, and delivery of Zuckerberg’s multimillion-dollar boat was delayed. The vessel was first seen in US waters on March 20th. Project 1010 finally started its maiden voyage to the US from the Netherlands after it received a special waiver from the sanctions and is believed to be a gift for Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday.

Mark Zuckerberg’s $300 Million Mega Yacht

The 387-foot-long vessel with its chrome finish is a whisker smaller than the Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos’ $500 million, 417-foot-tall mega yacht, Koru, which also has a support vessel named Abeona and features a 264-foot garage to hold Bezos’ luxury cars, private helicopter, and his skis. The yacht incurs a whopping $16,500 per week bill for its stay in the port and an annual $25 million maintenance cost.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mega yacht will incur similar costs, but money is not a problem for the Meta founder who is believed to own a fortune of $138.4 billion as of January 2024. In December 2021, it was reported that Mark Zuckerberg was building an estimated $270 million, 57,000-square-foot doomsday bunker which will include all the luxuries like a football field-sized space with 30 bedrooms, elevators, a swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, and full-sized gym.

One may wonder that the Meta founder has spent an incredible $330 + 270 million on a mega yacht and a doomsday bunker. However, he will be able to make this sum in just two months because he makes between $6 million and $12 million each day. That sums up to more than $3 billion in one year.

The important features of the yacht are:

  • The mega yacht was designed by Espen Øino International and has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure.
  • It is the 45th largest yacht in the world.
  • Its interiors have been designed by Zuretti Interior Design Company, a France-based company.
  • It has a beautiful floater, which is striking with a navy blue theme matching an American flag.
  • The yacht has a helipad.
  • The mega yacht was built in 2022 and carries a crew of 48 people.
  • It can accommodate 24 guests aboard.
  • Its yearly costs for upkeep and usage are $30 million.

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