Meta temporarily shuts down Threads app in Turkey

Meta announced on Monday that it will be temporarily shutting down the Instagram Threads app in Turkey starting from April 29th. This decision comes in response to an interim order from the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA). Despite this move, there will be no impact on other Meta services such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Threads in other countries.

In a statement, Meta assured that they are taking measures to minimize disruption for Threads users in Turkey. Those using the app will receive notifications within the platform before the deadline, giving them the option to either deactivate or delete their Threads profile.

Users with deactivated profiles will have the ability to download their posts and save their existing content using Meta’s Download Your Information tool. This feature allows individuals to retain their data even after the app has been shut down in the country.

The TCA’s interim order prohibits the sharing of data between Threads and Instagram, a move that Meta disagrees with. The company maintains that they are compliant with Turkish legal requirements and intends to appeal the decision. Despite this setback, Meta remains committed to providing a seamless experience for its users in Turkey and around the world.


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