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Mewaram Jain Congress MLA from Barmer viral video sparks controversy

With the latest turn of events, former congress MLA in Rajasthan Mewaram Jain is caught over a private video scandal. He has been trending on the internet since the news broke. Because of his shameless action, the entire state of Rajasthan is brought to the centre of controversy.

As per news reports, the video is related to a rape case he was involved with. Some stills from the video are circulating on various social media platforms sparking backlash from the public. Let’s dive into the story and find out more about the case. Keep on scrolling- 

Read to know more about Mewaram Jain’s viral video 


He is a former Barmer MLA and used to be a designated minister in the government of Rajasthan. He was often regarded as a prominent Congress leader of Barmer. Recently, a case came to light when a woman from Jodhpur filed a rape case against him and the other 9 members of his party including RPS Anand Singh Rajpurohit.

In the police report, she alleged that Mewaram Jain called her and her daughter too but later he raped her right in front of her daughter. He even sexually abused her in front of a minor girl. 

The case took a drastic turn when it is claimed by the woman that there is two videos recorded of her rape. Both the videos show Mewaram Jain. Many news reports and websites are speculating that the person in the video is Mevaram.

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It should be noted that NDTV Rajasthan is not confirming the alleged video. In the police report, the victim further added that when Mevaram Jain and Ram Swaroop got enough of her they naked her to bring other minor girls to them. The 2 viral videos i.e. one is 6 minutes and the other 53 seconds are being questioned by the police regarding its relevance.  

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