Nadal confirms he will return to action at the Barcelona Open

Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal has confirmed his return to action at the Barcelona Open after almost three months. The 37-year-old will compete for the first time since missing the Australian Open due to injury. Though hinting at retirement, Nadal expresses joy in playing the tournament he has won 12 times.

Nadal’s decision to participate in the Barcelona Open comes after a good week of training. He states, “I am happy to be here as I have a lot of good memories of this tournament. I have had a good week of training and I am going to be on court tomorrow [Tuesday].” Despite hinting at retirement, Nadal aims to enjoy his final year on the tour.

Anticipating his retirement at the end of the year, Nadal reflects on his career. “At this situation in my career, I am in a different situation, and rather than lament what I have missed, I would rather be happy to be here. I am taking this as my last year and I want to enjoy every moment and give it a special feeling.” He plans to continue playing until it no longer makes sense.

Although considered a successor by many, Carlos Alcaraz will not compete in Barcelona due to a forearm injury. Nadal acknowledges the loss of the top seed in his half of the draw but remains focused on his own performance. He expresses disappointment at Alcaraz’s absence but refrains from speculating on potential semifinal matchups.

Nadal’s return to the Barcelona Open marks a significant moment in his illustrious career. As he prepares to compete after a lengthy absence, fans eagerly await his performance on the court. Stay tuned for updates on the tournament as Nadal seeks to add to his impressive record at the event.


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