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Noida’s startup ‘Tech Eagle’ becomes the world’s first to deliver vaccines for animals via drone in Arunachal Pradesh

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Tech Eagle- A Noida-based start-up has become the world’s first company to successfully send vaccines to the animal husbandry department of Arunachal Pradesh. As per reports, they have developed a hybrid drone -Vertiplane X3, it is a fixed-wing electric powered for a vertical take-off landing (VTOL). The company claims it can fly with a max speed of 120 kmph for 100 km on a single charge with a 3 kg payload.  It will be the first startup to do so, and has been based in Noida.

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Founder of startup Vikram Singh Meena is based in Noida but has set up its manufacturing unit in Gurugram and stated- “The flight took off from Kangkong and transported the cargo to Paglam—an aerial distance of 29 km, which was covered by VertiplaneX3 drone in just 20 minutes. Apparently, the road distance from Kangkong to Paglam is about 120 km which takes around 4 hours to cover.” “Our drone delivered vaccines for the animal husbandry department 12 times faster than the ground transportation,” he said. 

Additionally, the latest drones were inaugurated by Tage Taki, Agriculture minister in the government of Arunachal Pradesh. The state of Arunachal Pradesh is also working to improve the supply chain of the animal husbandry department. Vaccines are supplied from Lower Dibang Valley. He said- “It is a historic event as drone technology has not been used before to deliver life-saving drugs and medicines in the veterinary sector. The success of the experimental launch has paved the way for the further use of this technology in the sectors of Agriculture, Horticulture Etc.” 

Joint Secretary, department of animal husbandry and dairy for the government of India, Upamanyu Basu who was also present at the event, said, “GOI is in the process of developing many more technologies which will aid the farmers in their work. Time taken between diagnosis and treatment should be the shortest, be it for a human or an animal, so the experimental delivery of vaccines would ease the worry of the farmers.”

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