NXP Semiconductors introduces groundbreaking platform for software-defined vehicles

NXP Semiconductors has introduced a groundbreaking vehicle software platform, ‘S32 CoreRide’, to streamline SDV development and reduce costs for automakers and suppliers. Henri Ardevol, EVP at NXP, highlighted the platform’s potential to revolutionize the industry with faster innovation cycles and enhanced performance.

The ‘S32 CoreRide’ platform integrates NXP’s hardware portfolio with software from top automotive experts and tier-1 suppliers. Gerd Schafer, CTO at Accenture ESR Labs, expressed excitement about the platform’s capabilities to simplify SDV development. Production vehicles leveraging this technology are set to hit the market by 2027.

“In the last decade, many industries have successfully adopted faster innovation cycles and effectively achieved higher performance at lower cost through tight integration of silicon and software,” mentioned Henri Ardevol, underscoring the importance of seamless integration for next-gen vehicle development. The platform offers an open development path for automakers to accelerate SDV development processes.

The industry is keen on exploring the possibilities offered by the ‘S32 CoreRide’ platform. With a comprehensive ecosystem that includes leading automotive experts and tier-1 suppliers, the platform promises to transform the approach to SDV development. NXP’s innovation is expected to drive significant advancements in the automotive sector, with production vehicles incorporating ‘S32 CoreRide’ technology slated for release in the coming years.


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