Pankaj Advani Sets High Bar at CCI Billiards Classic with 529 Break

Reigning World Champion Pankaj Advani showcased his brilliance with a spectacular 529-point break, the highest in the tournament, defeating Devendra Joshi 1063-224 at the All India CCI Billiards Classic 2024. With his second win, Advani secures a spot in the pre-quarterfinals, displaying unwavering focus and precision in his game.

Advani, India’s cue sports legend, displayed exceptional concentration and skill, building remarkable breaks of 156, 69, 91, and 72. Despite missing a pot, his performance remained outstanding. Meanwhile, David Causier of England also impressed with a massive run of 301 against Vishal Madan, securing a dominant victory of 1183-301.

Indian National Champion Dhruv Sitwala and Mumbai’s Rohan Jambusaria also secured wins in their respective matches. Sitwala’s solid performance against Kamal Chawla and Jambusaria’s victory over Sourav Kothari showcased their prowess on the green baize. Notable breaks by Gujarat’s Dhvaj Haria and England’s Rob Hall added to the excitement of the tournament.

Former World Champions Rupesh Shah and Alok Kumar displayed their experience with wins against their opponents. The competition heated up with close matches between seasoned players from different regions. The tournament saw a display of skill and determination from cueists vying for a spot in the pre-quarterfinals.

In a nutshell, the All India CCI Billiards Classic 2024 witnessed some breathtaking performances from top players like Pankaj Advani, David Causier, and Dhruv Sitwala. The competition is fierce as players battle it out for a chance to advance in the prestigious tournament, showcasing the best of cue sports talent on the green baize.


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