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PM Modi blames RJD, Congress for Maoist trouble and Jungle Raj in Bihar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the NDA’s campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Bihar at a mega rally in Jamui district, holding the RJD and Congress responsible for Maoist trouble and ‘Jungle Raj’ in the state. He addressed various issues affecting Bihar over the years, declaring the eradication of Maoism and progress in infrastructure development.

PM Modi highlighted the impact of Maoist attacks and ‘Jungle Raj’ during the rule of RJD and Congress, affecting the region’s development. He emphasized the transformation in Bihar with the surrender of Maoist operatives and their children now attending schools, signifying progress in maintaining law and order.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister referenced the IRCTC land-for-job scam, implicating those responsible for exploiting the poor for personal gain. He commended Nitish Kumar’s contributions to improving railway services in Bihar, ensuring the state’s connectivity and development.

PM Modi emphasized the significance of the upcoming elections for India’s development, showcasing the country’s progress on the global stage. He stressed the need for continued growth and the importance of a strong government to combat corruption and drive economic prosperity.

In a heartfelt moment, the Prime Minister paid tribute to late Ram Vilas Paswan and encouraged the people of Jamui to support the NDA candidate Arun Bharti in honor of Paswan’s legacy. The rally in Jamui set the tone for the upcoming elections, with PM Modi rallying support for his government’s agenda and urging citizens to vote for continued progress in Bihar.


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