Roshan Gharana Program Registration Guide 2024: Apply Now!

The Roshan Gharana Program is a new scheme launched by the government of Punjab. It is aimed at helping households across Punjab access solar energy, reported Daily Pakistan.

It is a pilot project to Kickstart in Punjab. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the Chief Minister of Punjab, rolled it out.

The Roshan Gharana Program is an amazing opportunity to benefit from renewable energy by joining the Roshan Gharana community. By using renewable energy, it also promotes self-sufficiency.

Interested individuals can register for this program by following certain easy steps. 

Roshan Gharana Program: How To Apply

Step 1: To register for the Roshan Gharana Solar Scheme, visit the nearest branch of the Bank of Punjab. Bank of Punjab’s branches are currently offering a full registration process for the scheme. 

Step 2: Ask for the Roshan Gharana Solar Scheme application form in the bank. When you get the form, fill in the form correctly with no errors. Mention all the required information asked. 

Step 3: After filling in the form, submit it to a bank representative for further processing. 

Step 4: The application will be reviewed per the government’s eligibility criteria for the Roshan Gharana Program. Within a few days, the status of the application will be received in a text message in the number provided. 

Step 5: If the application gets approved, a well-guided installation of solar panels will be done at your residence. 

Required Documents for Scheme

According to Ehsaas News, for successfully register in the Roshan Gharana Program, some important documents must be in handy. Here is a list. 

1. Proof of Residence in the form of a rental agreement or ownership certificate.

2. Proof of Pakistani citizenship (CNIC).

3. Income certificates for all members of the family.

4. Bank statements (optional).

5. Family member count certificate.

6. Loan clearance certificate (if applicable).

This solar scheme, the Roshan Gharana program is a commendable initiative by the government of Punjab in Pakistan. Reducing electricity bills helps in empowering low-income households.

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