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Shahrukh Khan’s New Ad For Dubai Tourism Leaves Fans In Awe; Saba Azad Dazzles with Rumored Boyfriend Hrithik Roshan

SRK has been the one to steal hearts for a long time now. And of course, him being the face of the Indian entertainment industry, he is a superstar. A few days back he posted an ad for Dubai tourism. And boy, that definitely made netizens simp on him full-fledged.

The Ad Was For Dubai Tourism

The ad was very normal, where it opened by him giving his classic pose, with the Atlantis Palm Hotel in the background. After the shooting is done, his daughter Suhana calls him up and asks him to look around the city. He agrees to what she says and starts to explore around the city. It was shown that he was interacting with people and local citizens on the streets. Having fun and even playing football with people. And after that Suhana calls him up again to check up as to how is he doing. And to that, he replied with a smile, ”Thanks to you, had the best day of my life.”

Saba and Hrithik’s Update On Social Media

Speaking of Bollywood and King Khan. There’s recent speculation going around, which states Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad dazzled her rumored boyfriend, after posting her pictures. Hrithik commented ‘Timeless’ to the picture where she had the caption of, You may call me Miss Hepburn Azad!!” Yes, I was born in the wrong decade, indeed I will time travel when they figure it out!!”

Though it is still no actual reports which confirm their relationship yet. But their pictures from the “date” they had, kind of blew some news in the air about the two.
One of Saba’s notable works includes her character of Dingo from the series Ladies Room, where she had Shreya Dhanwanthary alongside her.

When it comes to Hrithik, on the job department, he will next be seen partnering Saif Ali Khan in the Hindi version of the Tamil film Vikram Vedha. Fighter, starring Deepika Padukone, is also in the works.

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