Sona Mohapatra Birthday: The ‘Afterglow’ Remixer Turns 46, New Songs, Quotes, Pictures, Videos, Instagram And Twitter Posts To Wish Her

Sona Mohapatra birthday is on June 17. Sona Mohapatra (born June 17, 1976) is an Indian vocalist, writer, and songwriter. In contrast with her own compositions, Mohapatra also remixed tracks by David Bowie (“Let’s Dance”) and INXS (“Afterglow”), both of which have been terribly effective.

Sona Mohapatra Birthday – June 17, She Turns 46

Sona Mohapatra rose to notoriety as a frontman and singer on Aamir Khan’s groundbreaking discussion show Satyamev Jayate, in which she participated repeatedly. She was also the executive producer of the series’s musically endeavour. According to the most recent digital estimate, her guest appearances received over 9 millions of views across many sites.

Sona Mohapatra In Aamir Khan Show, ‘Satyamev Jayate’

In a new conversation, she said that the endeavor had consumed all of her mental and physical resources. Multiple songwriters were engaged, as were unusual topics and a lot of conceptualizing on the tunes, words, shootings, and performances. To top it off, all of the songs have been transcribed and performed in a range of languages.

Sona Mohapatra’s Husband, Ram. Her Work In ‘Talaash’ With Kareena Kapoor Khan And Aamir Khan

Ram Sampath, a Bollywood song musician and concertmaster, is Sona‘s husband. She originally met him in 2002, while still employed for Marico as a marketing consultant. They met when Sampath was shooting on “Let’s Talk” (2002) with filmmaker Ram Madhvani, and they wedded in 2005. Ram rose to prominence after his unique soundtrack for the films “Delhi Belly” (2011), “Satyamev Jayate” (2012), and “Talaash” (2013). (2012). Sona and Ram are co-founders of OmGrown Music, a songs production company based in Mumbai. In the same location, they also have their very own facilities.

Quotes, Pictures, Videos, Instagram And Twitter Posts To Wish Her

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