Sonakshi asserts her acting skills: Constantly trying to prove ‘main acchhi actor hoon’

Actress Sonakshi Sinha is hoping that her latest work in “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar” will showcase her acting abilities in a new light. At the trailer launch event in New Delhi, she expressed her desire for casting directors and filmmakers to take her more seriously.

Sonakshi stated, “Sure as hell I hope so! what more a girl has to do? I have been trying to prove time and again that ‘main achi actor hun bhai’.” She acknowledged the opportunities she has received since her debut in ‘Dabangg’ and credited them for shaping her as an actor.

Expressing every actor’s aspiration, Sonakshi revealed, “Every actor has a dream that a director sees them in a different light…” With the release of “Heeramandi” on Netflix on May 1, Sonakshi is determined to portray powerful roles and seek opportunities to showcase her versatility.

During the event, Sonakshi emphasized her mission to collaborate with directors who can project her in a unique way, distinct from her previous roles. She expressed her eagerness to explore diverse characters and challenge herself as an artist, aiming for roles that stand out in the industry.


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