If You Want To Get Glowing Skin But Don’t Have Loads To Do About It, The 2023 ‘Status Skin’ Trend Is For You

Korean and Japanese food has had a huge influence on us. We cannot stop eating noodles or those spicy ramen which does make our lives a little difficult the day after. But when it comes to beauty, we have gotten into that zone too. Status Skin or light makeup, which gives the glow but is not too cakey or thick a layer, is something we all are following these days.

We have already witnessed numerous aesthetic phenomena, from the highly popular vengeance cosmetics to bathtub beauty, before January has already started. We have always been fascinated by beauty standards, some of which are genuine and others that are merely hoopla. Once more, we have encountered a phenomenon that has become the trend online: status skin.

How To Achieve The ‘Status Skin’ Look?

‘Status Skin’ emphasizes using facial moisturizer goods and reducing the usage of stacked cosmetics to achieve a smoother appearance. This fad originated on the catwalk, when performers nailed a shiny, velvety appearance, and has made its way to our grooming stations. In a nutshell, it’s a fresh approach to skin austerity that will undoubtedly give our cosmetic rituals a fresh perspective.

Over the recent years, we have already been exposed to countless patterns. The simple cosmetics concepts of 2022 really took over. We have witnessed anything minimalistic over the previous year, from crystal skin to glazed doughnut cover. Although there have long been rumblings about the multi-step Korean beauty revolution, the most recent status skin pattern concentrates on carefully boosting your complexion with fewer cosmetics.

Go subtle instead of bold which gives off a very cute look to your skin and appearance throughout. The concept revolves around taking good care of your complexion. It’s essential for us to join the bandwagon, which we may have noticed sweeping the circuit in the latest days.

This How ‘Status Skin’ Looks

Status Skin
Status Skin Makeup

Haliey Beiber Donning The Status Skin Look

Status Skin Makeup Trend

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