Selena Gomez’s 10 No-Makeup Moments

Selena Gomez is a Hollywood pop star, actor, and entrepreneur. She started her venture in Hollywood through a kids’ series named ‘Barney & Friends.’ Later, she started singing as well, with her first album out on the internet being ‘Stars Dance.’

Selena gained loads of traction during her relationship with Justin Bieber. Selena is now best friends with another leading pop star, Taylor Swift. She is also the founder of the cosmetics company Rare Beauty.

Being a makeup connoisseur, she loves to lather herself in makeup and skincare.

But today, we will be looking at 10 pictures of Selena Gomez where she is without makeup and is beautiful to look at!

Selena Gomez No Makeup:

1. Vlog

This is a picture of Selena without makeup from a YouTube video where she was talking about skincare. She looks dashing without any makeup.

Selena Gomez No Makeup

2. Couch Potato

Wavy hair, no makeup, a black oversized tee, and the couch are the perfect combination for the Sunday sleep-in.

Selena Gomez Without Makeup

3. Lazy Dat

Selena’s hair is messy and she’s makeup-less too. It’s the perfect slum day snap!

Selena Gomez No Makeup Images

4. Skin Care

Skincare is all about taking care of the skin. Selena has taken off her makeup in the picture and is showing her followers her step-by-step skincare routine.

Selena Gomez No Makeup Pictures

5. Paps

Selena’s hair is blow-dried in this picture. Her face is makeup-less and she is carrying a Hermès bag.

Selena Gomez No Makeup Old Pictures

6. Outdoorsy

This picture was taken in a cabin outdoors. She is wearing very subtle makeup just to brighten her face.

Selena Gomez No Makeup

7. Post-Gym

The gym is all about sweat and gains! Selena is wearing no makeup here and her hair is tied in a ponytail.

Selena Gomez Young Without Makeup

8. Casual Day

This click was snapped by the paparazzi. Selena has no makeup on and seems to be enjoying her candy out in public.

Selena Gomez Paparazzi

9. Day In

Selena added this raw, natural selfie of herself in her story. Her hair is open and she looks stunning.

Selena Gomez Instagram Live

10. Sunkissed

A dash of lip gloss and a makeup-less face is perfect for the sun-kissed snap!

Selena Gomez Sunbath

Selena Gomez proves that true beauty shines brightest when it’s all natural.

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