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Sun Halo: Huge Rainbow ring appeared around the sun in Bangalore, Know what is this according to Scientists?

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Sun Halo Bangalore: Residents of Bangalore were surprised on Monday (May 24) when they got to see a wonderful sight around the sun in the sky, called “Sun Halo”. In Bangalore city, people saw a round-colored rainbow around the sun on Monday. It was like a ring around the sun. The pictures of the incident are getting viral on social media. People are calling it a magical experience. People have shared videos and pictures on social media. In scientific language, it is called “Sun Halo”. A shining ‘halo’ around the Sun was seen in the sky around noon in Bangalore on Monday. The locals enjoyed the sight of the colorful rings that look like rainbow colors in the sky. Let’s know what is this sun halo and why such rings are formed around the sun?

What is “Sun Halo”?

This colorful Ring, which has appeared in the sky of Bangalore, is called Sun Halo. Halo is the name of a family of optical phenomena generated by light. According to scientists, this is a common process. This happens when the sun reaches an angle of 22 degrees from the earth, because of the moisture in the sky, such a ring is formed. Due to the cirrus cloud of the sky, they start appearing in the afternoon.

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Is this is a supernatural phenomenon?

Many people were surprised to see such a sight around the sun, whether it was a supernatural event. So let me tell you that this is not a supernatural phenomenon. Sun Halo is an astronomical phenomenon of an ideal ring with the Sun in the center. Which is a common thing. This is a very common occurrence in cold countries. But this is a rare occurrence in our countries, which is seen occasionally in the year. It cannot be predicted. It occurs when there are cirrus clouds filled with moisture in the sky near or around the sun and is a local phenomenon. That is why they appear in one area only.

The Sun Halo is also made in Moon Light?

It is not necessary that Sun Halo is made only in the light of the sun. At times, the moon light is also formed in the night. The process is the same, when the light of the sun or the moon collides with the humidity of the sky and collides with the 22 degree angle of the earth, then this condition is formed. It is also known as Moon Ring or Winter Hallow. It occurs when the rays of the sun or moon are deflected through the hexagonal ice crystals present in the clouds of cirrus.

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