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Tejeshwar Kalia, Indian Student in Canada Risks 14-Year Sentence for Self-Defense

Tejeshwar Kalia, a 22-year-old Indian student in Canada working at Circle K, is facing up to 14 years in jail for defending himself against a robber with a baseball bat. Currently, Kalia is under house arrest; he is unable to attend college or work.

The attack occurred in the Circle K convenience store located on King Street in Peterborough on January 5. Moreover, he lacks financial aid to support himself and his court expenses, according to online tabloids.

14-Year Jail Threat for Indian Student Tejeshwar Kalia in Canada After Self-Defense Incident

According to a report from OPIndia, Tejeshwar Kalia hit the robber in self-defense while the attacker hit Tejeshwar on his head twice, once on his spine, and the last blow was to his pocketbook. The robber has received a plea deal and will serve 14 more months in jail.

Meanwhile, Tejeshwar Kalia’s case has ignited a debate on Twitter/X over the right to self-defense as well as the justice system of the country.

To help him, his friends have opened a GoFundMe page, a fundraiser to gather financial support to cover his expenses and legal fees. They have even gathered over $12,000 at the time of writing this article.

It should be noted that security footage might be crucial in proving his innocence in front of the law. Additionally, many are raising questions about the legal system that will be handling his case.

As the news has started to become a hot topic in the media, many view him as the victim of a flawed system.

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