Twitch Streamer Maya Higa Opens Up About Horrific Stalker Incident During Recent Livestream

Maya Higa, a Twitch streamer, recently shared an incident involving a stalker during her latest livestream. According to her, this happened to her around three years ago. The incident left her traumatized, forcing her to move out of her house for at least one month.

Maya Higa further added that there was a time when she had to hide with a gun to protect herself, saying:

“I’d have to hide, actually hide in a dark room clutching a gun. What the hell is my life!”

In Recent Livestream, Maya Higa Reveals Scary Stalker Experience

Back in 2019, when she started streaming, one of her fans began imagining that he was in a relationship with her.

Image Credit- @maya_higa/Instagram

“I had a guy who thought we were in a full-on relationship for 3 years. 3 years, man. And it was like one of those things where he thinks everything I say, I am like talking to him, right? Or like every song that I sing, or blink twice or whatever. It was a lot”

Eventually, Maya Higa had to hire security and a private investigator to keep her safe.

During this time, she was instructed not to post anything on social media because this might make the stalker perceive it as an invitation.

She also revealed that he had anger issues and was arrested for Public disturbance.

“He got mad and got down the car and shook down a stop sign. He got arrested for public disturbance. Dude was a Little crazy. “What sucked was that nobody knew about it, so I had to skip streams or whatever, or do short streams, and people would be like, oh she’s lazy. Why is she always in a bad mood?”

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