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#TeleprompterPM: All you need to know about this trending hashtag targeting PM Modi’s WEF Speech

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On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly stopped while addressing the Davos Agenda Summit of the World Economic Forum. Actually, the reason for their sudden stop was the defect in the teleprompter. Let us tell you, the teleprompter is used for reading text and it is used in front of the camera to deliver a long speech. You must have seen, news reporters narrate 100 news continuously. They do this with the help of this device.

Let us tell you, the reason behind #TeleprompterPM trending is not just the stoppage of the teleprompter. Actually, while sharing a clip of PM Modi’s address at the WEF summit, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taunted PM.

इतना झूठ Teleprompter भी नहीं झेल पाया। (Translate: Even Teleprompter could not bear such a lie.)

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What is the reaction of Twitteratis on TeleprompterPM?

After the incident, the people on Twitter have split into two different factions. Some people are telling this incident only a technical issue, while some people are saying that, Modi can’t speak a word without Teleprompter.

Here are some of the 80K tweets on #TelemprompterPM:-

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