Test driving the BMW iX50 electric SUV: In pictures

The BMW iX50, a higher version of the iX40, offers a bigger battery, increased range, and impressive performance at a higher price tag. Launched in early 2024, it is more capable but doesn’t have many distinguishing features from the iX40.

The massive BMW iX50 electric SUV, weighing around 2,400 kilos, comes with larger 22-inch alloy wheels and an aerodynamic exterior profile. Despite its size, it retains stunning looks with svelte lines and curves, making it a stylish choice in the EV market.

Inside, the BMW iX50 boasts a futuristic cabin with feature-loaded elements like a hexagonal steering wheel, curved display screen, electro-chromatic moonroof, and crystal dials. The quality of materials and comfortable seating make it a top choice for luxury EV enthusiasts.

The BMW iX50 comes with a 111.5 kWh battery pack, offering 516 bhp, 765 Nm torque, and a claimed range of 635 kms per charge. During a test drive, it covered 400 kms with four passengers at 120 kmph, showcasing its impressive performance and range capabilities.

Priced at ₹1.40 crore before taxes, the BMW iX50 may be on the expensive side. However, for those prioritizing driving pleasure and advanced features, it proves to be a worthy investment in the luxury EV segment.

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