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The Mesmerizing Beauty of Fluorite Crystals and Healing Properties

Fluorite is a beautiful and enchanting stone that is available in green and purple hues. The stone is differentiated as per its shape into gorgeous Fluorite hearts, elegant Fluorite eggs, a mesmerizing Fluorite pyramid, pointedly beautiful Fluorite points, Fluorite slices, and Fluorite clusters. The mere sight mesmerizes the viewer and the stone has a host of benefits which the wearer can accrue.

Let us learn about the material and health benefits of the stone. The healing property has been known for ages and mankind has been accruing the benefits of the stone. Stone is known to soothe chronic pains like, migraine, fibromyalgia, and tinnitus.

The mode of action is not clearly known. However, it is believed to modulate electrical impulses in the body. The nervous system communicates and sends data in the form of electrical impulses in the synapse which is the joints between nerve cells. The stone helps to modulate these impulses and modify them to decrease their intensity and reduce pain impulses.  The electromagnetic properties are also believed to be the cause of the healing properties of the stone and help the wearer accrue the benefits and experience better emotional, physical, and mental health

Fluorites can be placed in the workplace to make clearer decisions. In the corporate world, split-second decisions can mean the difference between success and failure. The stone helps to pick the right choice which will help the wearer reach new heights of success.

Placing the stone in your home will help the flow of positive forces and negate the effects of negative forces. Most of people are attracted by the beauty and soothing effects of the stone.

Fluorite Crystal Origin

Fluorite Crystal Origin

The genesis of the word fluorite can be traced to the Latin word Flux which is the mixing of two or more ingredients into a single homogenous substance. The stone also helps to bring impurities to the surface and helps to balance the different forces and chakras in the body

The stone is also known as Fluorpar and is chemically a mineral of calcium fluoride, often referred to as a fluorite gemstone. The stone is composed of isometric transparent cubes or octahedral crystals. This gives it a soothing and enchanting look when it is properly cut and polished.

Types of Fluorite

White/Clear – It is a transparent form of stone and like the other form of clear crystals it is recommended for creating harmony and also amalgamates with other stones and crystals. It is recommended for people who are into jobs that require a lot of concentration and public relations. It makes the person less irritable and more open to understanding other people’s viewpoints.

Green – The green fluorite is aptly called the heart stone and mostly affects the heart chakra. The stone helps to reaffirm the love and affection between partners and helps mend frayed relationships. The stone is a great tonic for people who are trying to get over a recent heartbreak of a breakup. The Fluorite crystal helps to sow the seeds of Cupid’s arrow in a person’s love interest.

Blue – This Blue hued crystal is a must for singers and other careers where voice is an important part. The reason for this is because of the positive effects on the Throat Chakra. The stone helps to augment communication abilities and also has a big impact on the character of the wearer, enhancing honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

Purple – It is somewhat similar to amethyst and the purple-hued stone significantly reduces tension and is a symbol of peace. The stone acts as a bridge between the crown chakra and the rest of the body. The stone is a great grounding stone and is used for awakening the inner spiritual powers. It also symbolizes protection and love in your life.

Yellow – The stone is representative of the sun and like solar radiation, it is bright yellow and is said to affect the solar plexus chakra and also augments the self-confidence and a feeling of being able to achieve any goal which a person sets in his life.

Rainbow – It is a grounding stone that transfers the Earth’s positive energy to the person. The stone is also believed to augment the creative powers of the wearer and also enhance their psychological abilities.

Regardless of the color of the stone, the Fluorite properties remain almost akin and the positive effects are stupendous. The stone is also very popular for its ornamental qualities courtesy of its great looks and beauty. The stone can be kept at the workplace or in the worship place to enhance the prosperity and well-being of the members of the house.

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