Today Panchang 7 June 2021: Shubh Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Rahu Kaal, and More

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Today Panchang 7 June 2021: Information about the Shubh Muhurat, Shubh Tithi, Dishakul, Rahu Kaal, and Gulik Kaal are mentioned below.

Today Panchang 7 June 2021 Day – Friday Panchang

  • Sunrise: 05:14:52 in the morning
    Sunset: 06:46:39 in the evening
  • Special: To get auspicious results in life, offering Panchamrit or sweet raw milk on Shivling on every Monday, showers blessings of Lord Mahadev.
  • Vikram Samvat: 2078
    Shaka Samvat: 1943
    Ayan: Uttarayan
    Ritu: summer season
    Month: the eldest month
    Paksha: Krishna Paksha
    Date: Dwadashi date till 09:18:39 pm and then Trayodashi date
    Tithi Swami: Lord Vishnu is the lord of Dwadashi Tithi and Lord Kamdev is the lord of Trayodashi Tithi.
    Nakshatra: Bharani Nakshatra till full night.
    Nakshatra Swami: The lord of Bharani Nakshatra is Venus.
    Yoga: Good Atigund till the whole night.
    Gulik Kaal: Shubh Gulik Kaal from 12:20:00 A.M to 02:04:00 A.M
    Dishashul: One should not travel in the east direction on this day, if it is necessary to travel, then look in the mirror or drink milk from home.
    Rahukaal: Today’s Rahukaal from 01:58:00 P.M to 03:33:00 P.M
    Significance of Tithi: This date is considered auspicious for all religious works except travel.
    “O Tithi lord, Nakshatra lord, Yoga lord, day lord, keep your eyes on those who read the Panchag.”

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