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8 Gehana Vasisth Web Series List in 2024 (18+ Only)



Top 5 Gehana Vasisth Web Series To Watch Alone

If you like watching bold erotic web series then you would know who Gehana Vasisth is. Her seductive performance in many web series has surely made a mark for herself. Before getting into acting, she was crowned as Miss Asia Bikini. She has been a part of many hit web series throughout her career. In order to keep up with her popularity we are gonna be counting down some of the top Gehana Vasisth Web Series

Top Gehana Vasisth Web Series

1. Takk – Ullu

Gehana Vasisth
Cast:Hemant Choudhary
Shobhita Srivastava
Ruks Khandagale
Crew:Director: Roy

The Gehana Vasisth-starrer series revolves around Shaily, a gym trainer with a charismatic and flamboyant personality. He not only trains women at the gym but also takes them to his bedroom. Due to an accident he gets health issues with his private parts and loses his sexual energy. Watch the series how he gains back his confidence and starts his life with a new vibe and positivity. 

2. Shemale – Kooku

Gehana Vasisth Web Series
Cast:Garima Maurya
Gaurav Kumar
Abraham Khan
Crew:Director: Azaad Bharti

As the name suggests, the series is about a man wanting to be like a woman. He has a fiance who wants to try everything to make him feel like a man again. Watch the series on Kooku app. 

3. Gandii Baat – Honeymoon on Wheels – AltBalaji

Top Gehana Vasisth Web Series
Cast:Priom Gujjar
Akanksha Sharma
Zeeshan Khan
Crew:Director: Sachin Mohite

One of the best adult erotic web series you will come across. It revolves around Honeymoon Travels which allows couples to spend their Honeymoon on wheels. Every year the bus starts its journey on a special night but there’s a twist. The bus disappeared in the village and no one knows why. 

4. Call Center – Ullu

Call Center - Part 3
Cast:Gehana Vasisth
Sonia Singh
Swati Sharma
Crew:Director: Jasbir Bhaati

The story revolves around 4 couples employed in a BPO, and all of them have different aspirations and visions towards life. With job pressure and stress their love turns sour and takes a turn towards betrayal. 

5. Maid for Each Other

Maif For Each Other
Cast:Micheal Rana
Gehana Vasisth
Revathy Acharya
Crew:Director: M.J.

We have always been taught phrases like ” Made for each other ” where someone is truly made for you. But this series highlights that someone can be a maid too. It revolves around Shivam, 25 years old who falls for his maid while dating his own boss. With so much chaos around, his father also gets involved with the maid too. 

6. Plan

Cast:Soniya Maheshwari
Vikas Sachdeva
Akshita Singh
Crew:Director: soon update

One of the most popular web series on Mango TV. The story revolves around a relationship between two girls and their master plan to achieve all of their dreams. Will they be able to achieve it with dedication or take shortcuts? Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. Gehana Vasisth has been cast in the main lead alongside Ruks Khandagale. 

7. Kamini Returns 

Cast:Gehana Vasisth
Arohi Barde
Sagar Kumar
Crew:Director: Vijay Bute

A mind-boggling horror gehana Vasisth web series with nail-biting suspense. Kamini is now back with more vengeance and lusts in her eyes. The story takes an interesting turn people around her learn about her return and make a full-proof plan to eliminate her.  

8. Andheri West Filmy City

Cast:Vije Bhatia
Raja Kapse
Ehsan Khan
Crew:Director: Navin Batra

The story is about girls from a small town shifting to Mumbai to focus on their careers. With time they realise everything that glitters is not gold. There is a dark side to the entertainment industry. It shows three couples struggling to at the top of their game. The cast includes Gahena Vashisth, Meghna Patel, Ehsan Khan, and Kamal Sagar. 


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